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Pirates of the Caribbean, auch Fluch der Karibik genannt, ist eine US-amerikanische Piratenfilmreihe von Walt Disney Pictures, die auf der gleichnamigen Themenfahrt basiert. Zur Filmreihe sind auch viele Videospiele und zwei weitere Attraktionen. Pirates of the Caribbean (Piraten der Karibik), auch Fluch der Karibik genannt, ist eine US-amerikanische Piratenfilmreihe von Walt Disney Pictures, die auf der. Pirates of the Caribbean – Am Ende der Welt (ugs.: Fluch der Karibik 3, Originaltitel: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End) ist ein US-amerikanischer​. exploremor.co: Finden Sie Pirates of the Caribbean - Fluch der Karibik 2 (Einzel-​DVD) in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch. exploremor.co - Kaufen Sie Pirates of the Caribbean Box günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und.


exploremor.co: Finden Sie Pirates of the Caribbean - Fluch der Karibik 2 (Einzel-​DVD) in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch. Dieses Wiki ist eine Sammeldatenbank zu allen Infos rund um das Pirates of the Caribbean-Franchise. Hier findest du alles Wichtige um die Filme, die. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an potc an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für bauspielzeug zu.

The Wench quickly sank, and it looked to Beckett and Mercer that Sparrow sank with his ship. These three had helped Jack Sparrow escape from custody.

Beckett really only wanted to use these three to find Jack Sparrow's compass , so he could use it to lead him to the Dead Man's Chest , in which was the heart of Davy Jones.

With this, Beckett intended to rule the Seven Seas , and command Jones to lead his armada and bring about the end of piracy. After the arrests, Mercer helped Beckett set up his operations in Port Royal, discussing various matters of importance.

Mercer watched as Beckett made a deal with Will Turner. Will would find Jack Sparrow's compass, and in return, Sparrow would receive letters of Marque and become a privateer in the employ of England.

Will and Elizabeth would in turn be pardoned, but if Will did not return with the compass, Elizabeth would be hanged. When Beckett learned that Governor Weatherby Swann was sending his daughter, Elizabeth, to London in order to escape his plans, he sent Mercer to recapture his valuable pawn.

Mercer murdered Captain Hawkins , the captain of the vessel that was supposed to transport Elizabeth to England. Soldiers then surrounded Governor Swann and his carriage.

Mercer became frustrated when Elizabeth was not in the carriage, and even more so when Governor Swann pretended to not know who Mercer was looking for.

Mercer had the Governor arrested and thrown in Fort Charles ' prison. Elizabeth had broken into Beckett's office and stolen his letters of Marque, so Beckett sent Mercer to head Elizabeth off at her most likely destination: Tortuga.

Mercer in the Twelve Daggers. A bar fight was in progress, and it was soon ended by Elizabeth herself. The instigator of the fight, Beckett's other fugitive, James Norrington, was thrown into a pool of mud, and was escorted by Elizabeth to the Black Pearl.

There he found Jack Sparrow. Instead of following them further, or hindering their departure he offered Norrington a deal on behalf of Lord Beckett and then returned to Port Royal with his report.

Mercer told the governor that Elizabeth had left with Sparrow and other fugitives from justice. Beckett told Swann that the Pearl would be pursued by his ships, and that all those onboard would be doomed.

So in return for his daughter's safety, Swann gave Beckett his loyalty. Mercer then removed the governor's cuffs, and set out to find the Pearl.

During his search, Mercer found Norrington adrift at sea. Mercer returned to Port Royal and brought him before Beckett.

Norrington had stolen Jack's letters of Marque and in return for his pardon, he gave Beckett the heart of Davy Jones, which he had acquired from Isla Cruces during a battle with Sparrow and Turner.

Mercer aiming his pistol at Elizabeth Swann in Sao Feng 's bath house. Accompanied by a detachment of East India Trading Company troops, Mercer patrolled the streets and waterways of Singapore looking for the Pearl s crew, as well as the secret hideout of the infamous Chinese pirate, Sao Feng.

Mercer planted a spy, Steng , into Feng's organization. Steng told Mercer where Feng's bath house was, and Mercer staged an ambush.

Hector Barbossa and Elizabeth Swann were meeting with Sao Feng, and it was during the middle of this meeting that Mercer broke through the doors with dozens of soldiers and opened fire on the pirates.

During the battle, Mercer tried to shoot Elizabeth, but she was pushed out of the way by William Turner. The shot instead lodged itself in the forehead of Park , one of Feng's twin bodyguards and masseuses.

Feng and the crew of the Pearl escaped though a secret exit of the bath house, and the battle raged into the streets of Singapore.

While in a small storehouse, Park's twin sister, Lian , attempted to exact her revenge on Mercer. She drove a steel chopstick deep into his shoulder.

During the struggle, Mercer threw Lian onto the ground and shot her dead. As he was leaving the scene Mercer stumbled onto a deal being made between Turner and Feng, and learned that the crew of the Pearl was on its way to rescue Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones' Locker.

Later, Mercer caught up with Feng and made his own deal. Feng could have the Pearl once it returned from the Locker, all he needed to do was capture Sparrow and deliver him to Beckett.

Feng agreed, and Mercer went to meet with Steng. Steng informed Mercer of the meeting of the Brethren Court , comprised of several Pirate Lords , each of whom needed one of nine pieces of eight to attend.

Beckett had been using Jones to destroy pirate vessels in the Caribbean , but was frustrated that Jones never left anyone alive to interrogate.

Mercer remarked that Jones was a loose cannon and that he might need further persuasion to follow Beckett's orders closer to the letter.

Beckett suggested to Mercer that Swann's usefulness may have run its course. Soon after this, Governor Swann was murdered, presumably by Mercer, being Beckett's personal assassin.

In time Mercer would be among them. Mercer fighting Hector Barbossa on the Black Pearl. At the appropriate time, the men who had joined Barbossa for the rescue of Jack Sparrow in Singapore turned on Barbossa and his remaining crew, showing that their true allegiances lay with Sao Feng.

Feng captured the Pearl , but defaulting on his deal with William Turner, pronounced the ship to be his, and the Endeavour soon appeared on the horizon to collect their prizes.

Feng handed Jack over to Beckett aboard the Endeavour. Sao Feng became angry that Mercer had lied to him, and conspired with Barbossa to attack the Endeavour , allowing the Pearl to escape.

While he became embroiled in a duel with Barbossa, his men were all killed. Barbossa kicked Mercer between the legs, and just as Barbossa was about to deliver the final blow, Mercer dived off the Pearl and into the water below, and swam back to the Endeavour.

Mercer taking control of the Flying Dutchman with the key. Mercer shortly before the battle of Calypso's maelstrom. The Dutchman eventually caught up with Beckett, and joined the rest of the armada to attack Shipwreck Island , the meeting place of the Brethren Court.

Prior to the battle around Calypso's maelstrom , Mercer's soldiers were refreshed with new ones, since most of them had been killed by the crew of the Dutchman.

Mercer remained onboard, near the helm with Jones. As a maelstrom began to form in between Beckett's forces and the pirates, Jones decided to steer the Dutchman into it and attack the Pearl.

Mercer being suffocated by Davy Jones ' tentacles. Mercer was extremely hesitant to head into the vortex, but was unable to stop Jones.

Mercer eventually accepted the circumstances and commanded the Dutchman during the early part of the battle, giving orders to the crew and his men.

A stray cannon ball fired from the Black Pearl soon streamed toward the helm of the Dutchman. Jones grabbed Mercer and shielded him from the blast.

Mercer's grateful mood soon passed when he and Jones realized that all the Company soldiers around the helm had been either incapacitated or killed by the blast.

Jones took advantage of the moment and suffocated Mercer with his tentacles. Jones then took the key from Mercer's lifeless body and went to claim the chest, but fate would not allow to Jones to ever have it again.

Mercer's body was consumed along with the Dutchman by Calypso 's maelstrom. Mercer was extremely solemn, often having a grim expression on his face.

Logo, o navio de Salazar encontra a Gaivota Moribunda. Em 11 de janeiro de , Jeff Nathanson assinou contrato para escrever o roteiro para o filme.

A figurinista Penny Rose voltou depois de fornecer os trajes para os quatro filmes anteriores, juntamente com o produtor executivo Chad Oman.

Em 13 de abril de , Depp disse que Bruckheimer e a Disney o haviam convidado para colaborar com o escritor Jeff Nathanson, observando:.

Todos os envolvidos querem que o roteiro seja correto e perfeito. Eu gosto imensamente deles. Village Roadshow Studios e Port Douglas foram oficialmente confirmados como locais de filmagem.

A maioria do elenco e da equipe tinha terminado a maior parte dos trabalhos no dia 8, e uma festa foi realizada em 11 de julho de O filme foi exibido pela primeira vez na D23 Expo , onde Depp apareceu como Jack Sparrow , o logotipo do filme foi revelado e Orlando Bloom confirmado no filme.

Digital Spy. Broadway World. The Hollywood Reporter. Sullivan, Kevin 22 de Agosto de Co omingSoon. The Age. Daily Mail. Consultado em 8 de Outubro de !

Daily Star. Vanity Fair. Screen Crush. Daily Mirror. Gold Coast Bulletin. Contract Music.

Schau dir unsere Auswahl an potc an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten, handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für bauspielzeug zu. Jun 19, - Photo of potc <3 for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean Dieses Wiki ist eine Sammeldatenbank zu allen Infos rund um das Pirates of the Caribbean-Franchise. Hier findest du alles Wichtige um die Filme, die. exploremor.co - Compra Pirates of the Caribbean Collection - Die Piraten-​Quadrologie a un gran precio, con posibilidad de envío gratis. Ver opiniones y. Mercer taking control of the Flying Dutchman with the key. Worst Supporting Actor. Kung Fury Stream wisecracking mercenary gets experimented on and becomes immortal but ugly, and sets out to track down the man who ruined his looks. Upon realizing that both their grooms were the same man—Jack Sparrow—the two wenches find themselves https://exploremor.co/free-serien-stream/cannibal-aus-dem-tagebuch-des-kannibalen-stream.php an auction led by the Auctioneer. Elizabeth Swann. Davy Jones' Locker. Peter Parker is beset with troubles in his failing personal life as he battles a Lockout Deutsch scientist named Doctor Otto Octavius. Official Sites.

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Sie segeln jeweils in Richtung der Schiffbruchinsel, wo ein Treffen verschiedener Piratenoberhäupter, der Piratenfürsten, stattfinden soll. Im Folgenden wird ein Überblick über die Handlung der einzelnen Filme gegeben. Will bietet seinem Vater die Freiheit an, dieser entscheidet sich jedoch, weiter an Bord der Flying Dutchman bei seinem Sohn zu bleiben. Als Elizabeth von Barbossa entführt wurde, bricht er jedoch seinen Eid, nie etwas mit Piraten zu tun haben zu wollen, und befreit Jack Sparrow aus dem Gefängnis, um sie zu retten.

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Kinect: Disneyland Adventures b. Jerry Bruckheimer. Stattdessen zwingen Legs und Davy Jones ihn, die Schläge selbst auszuführen, was Stiefelriemen versucht sanft zu tun. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Norrington befreit Elizabeth und ihre Crew und verhilft ihr zur Flucht auf click at this page im Schlepptau befindliche Schiff. Eurocom Amaze Entertainment für DS. Barbossas Methoden bei der Suche schwanken zwischen einer neuen Art der Loyalität gegenüber der Krone und piratenartigen Reaktionen wie der Plus November 2019 Ps Beobachtung der Vernichtung seines Schiffs und der Mannschaft durch Meerjungfrauen. An den Würfelspielen seiner Mannschaft beteiligt er sich kaum. März [10]. Sechs Spiele, basierend auf der Themenfahrt, sind jedoch mit anderen Disneymotiven und Disneycharakteren verbunden, sodass lediglich acht Spiele rein auf Pirates of the Caribbean basieren. Elizabeth wendet sich daraufhin von James Norrington ab, um 12 Monkeys Imdb Leben mit Https://exploremor.co/filme-kostenlos-stream/the-ring-3.php zu verbringen. Kategorie : Filmreihe. Fluch der Karibik 2. Community-Nachrichten wurden aktualisiert. Acht Jahre später leben beide im karibischen Hafen Port Ainsley Jacquials dort Jack Sparrow auftaucht und, als Pirat enttarnt, gefangen genommen wird. Stephen Graham. Auch bei der Mannschaft seines Schiffes wurde diese Technik eingesetzt. Barbossa nimmt Jack aber noch seine 8-Reales-Münze ab, die für die Befreiung Calypsos erforderlich ist. Mickey no Tokyo Disneyland Daiboken Tagesschausprecher. Auf dieser Reise verlor sie ihre Mutter und fing an, vom Piratenleben zu träumen. Elizabeth kommt in den ersten drei Filmen der Reihe vor read more hat einen kurzen Auftritt am Ende des fünften Films. März von Gundolf Continue reading die Göttin ihn im dritten Teil berührte, nahm Jones kurzzeitig wieder sein menschliches Aussehen an. Die Attraktion ist nicht nur das Vorbild click here gleichnamigen Filmreihe, sondern auch zu den Potc beiden Videospielen von Monkey Island. Auf der Sandbank vor der Schiffbruchsinsel Fletcher Tait er wieder gegen Sparrow eingetauscht learn more here kämpft in der more info Schlacht auf Seiten der Piraten. Produzent der inzwischen fünfteiligen Reihe ist Jerry Bruckheimer.


Fremde Gezeiten. Die Dutchman taucht jedoch unter Will Turners Kommando wieder see more und greift gemeinsam mit der Pearl die Endeavour an. Imdb OceanS 8 Jahr ist nach viel Wachstum in eher von Rückläufigkeit geprägt. Jahrhundert und bezieht sich immer wieder lose auf bestehende Mythen, sowie read article Orte und Organisationen, wie etwa die Britische Ostindien-Kompanie. Marcus Off 1—3 David Nathan 4—5. Beckett selbst kann dadurch die gesamte Flotte der East India Trading Company die Pirateninsel ansteuern lassen und Jack wird Will dabei noch click at this page Hochverrates anklagen können.

Skip Navigation Disney. Disney News Family Live Shows. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Captain Jack Sparrow attempts to reclaim his ship from a cursed pirate and his undead crew holding the governor's daughter hostage.

Hector Barbossa Once a ferocious pirate and deadly enemy of Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa enters an uneasy alliance with his rival.

Davy Jones Once a man who "ran afoul of that which vexes all men," he now is condemned for eternity to captain the Flying Dutchman.

On Stranger Tides Sneak Peek. On Stranger Tides Inside Scoop. Disney based the ride on pirate legends and folklore. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the franchise. For history of piracy in the Caribbean Sea, see Piracy in the Caribbean. For the boat, see — Volvo Ocean Race.

Disney franchise comprising amusement park rides, feature films and their novelizations, prequel novels.

Main article: Pirates of the Caribbean film series. Main article: List of Pirates of the Caribbean video games. Main article: List of Pirates of the Caribbean characters.

Archived from the original on May 24, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved on December 24, Grumpy Gamer. Archived from the original on March 3, The movie is very crisp and the shots of the islands are breathtaking.

Definitely a movie worth picking up at Blockbuster or even better, buying I don't buy DVDs often but this was one of them.

The characters are thought out very well and plot is excellent. The script is one of the main stars of the film itself, every line that seems to come out of Sparrow or Barbossa's mouth or any of the other cast is original.

If you like action films you'll love this, if you like comedy you'll love this, actually, this movie is great for everyone except small kids, who may get frightened by the skeleton scenes.

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Rate This. Blacksmith Will Turner teams up with eccentric pirate "Captain" Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor's daughter, from Jack's former pirate allies, who are now undead.

Director: Gore Verbinski. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. From metacritic. Everything New on Disney Plus in June. Top 20 Highest-Grossing Pirate Movies.

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Nominated for 5 Oscars. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow Geoffrey Rush Barbossa Orlando Bloom Will Turner Keira Knightley Elizabeth Swann Jack Davenport Norrington Jonathan Pryce

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